Taiwan Craft Beer Night – A relaxing way for meeting new people and culture exchange

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As a native German, beer plays an important role in our culture. In the recent years, craft beers became more and more important in Germany. I live in Taipei for studying and have tried many different local beers in my free time. Always interested in getting to know to new people and to try new local beers in Taiwan, I was immediately attracted when I heard about the FRNCi Taiwan Craft Beer Night, hosted by FRNCI-Friends & City and Tipsy Taipei Café & Bar in the Tipsy Bar in Taipei.

Clearly organized from the beginning till the end

With two friends from my studies, we decided to visit and to participate in the event. Curious about how the event would be, we were super happy about our decision to go there from the beginning. At the entrance of the bar, we got welcomed by some members of FRNCi and then paid for the ticket, including a different amount of craft beers (depends on the kind of ticket you buy) and drinking snacks. In addition, everyone received a sticker with his name for making it easier to get to know to new people. Pin, the founder of FRNCi guided through the whole evening.

Talk to interesting people from all around the world

Over time, I talked to people from many different nationalities, local people as well as people from South Korea, France, Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom and so on. I even met some new Germans. It was totally fascinating to talk with them, as everyone had different background: old & young people, students, interns, travelers, or some who already work for years in Taiwan. It was very easy to get into a talk with someone new, to share your experiences in Taiwan and to exchange information and cultural aspects of your country of origin.

Local craft beers and snacks, drinking games and Karaoke

FRNCi provided a huge amount of typical local drinking snacks, that everyone was interested in to try (e.g. pig blood cake, tofu-skin, fries…). Throughout the whole evening FRNCi managed to bring new people together via different beer games. In the local game “0-5-10-15-20” and the worldwide well-known “Beer-Pong”, different teams were able to compete against each other, to have fun and to win prizes. Later the evening (the more the people drank), Karaoke became the new attraction in the event. Many people showed their singing skills and wowed the others. Even the owner of the bar, who is a very nice and easy-going man, demonstrated his Karaoke skills.

Reasons why I absolutely recommend going there

My friends and I enjoyed the FRNCi Craft Beer Night a lot and we will definitely go again!

1. No matter how old you are or what your background is, at the FRNCi Craft Beer Night you will meet and talk to interesting people from all over the world
2. Taiwan offers much more than only “Taiwan-beer”: You will be able to try many different local Craft Beers and enjoy them with local snacks that you might otherwise maybe never be able to try
3. It’s the perfect event for everyone to have lots of fun with drinking games, karaoke and cultural exchange!

Hope to see you at the next Craft Beer Night!


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