July Highlights | What To Do in Taiwan This Summer

Find out what’s your best plan to hang around Taiwan in our steaming July highlights!

Hey, so here comes the summertime. Have you filled up your holiday plan yet? Or just wanna chill on the sofa watching Netflix? Summer means doing nothing while doing a lot of stuff. No matter you’re a traveler who only stays in Taiwan for 2 days, or you’ve been studying/working for months even years, there are always some local events that you would not find out from TripAdvisor. As your local friends in the city, we’ve found out these 7 summer events in July for you.

1. Taipei Film Festival | June 29 - July 15

Interested in exploring movies? This annual film festival selects various films from not only Asia but worldwide continents. Tons of movies will be displayed during the festival, and you’ll find yourself a headache for making a choice in this high-quality films ocean. And perhaps, you would even see the directors sitting next to you.

Other than the movie show, there are still some related events that costs zero. Don't miss the chance to join art movement in Taipei!

Zhongshan Hall, Taipei

Taipei Film FestivalPhoto credit: Taipei Film Festival | Facebook

Price | 50 TWD for 1 show, enter before 5:59 p.m.
           200 TWD for 1 show after 6 p.m.
           900 TWD for 6 films
           Free for the related events
  Info | 2017 Taipei Film Festival

2. Taiwan Culinary Exhibition | July 21 - July 24

Held in Taipei World Trade Center annually, this exhibition combines Taiwanese cuisine with tourism industry to exhibit the food culture in Taiwan. With the participant of hotel chefs and restaurants, the food expo is divided into different culinary themes: arts, utensils, ingredients, journeys, gifts and educations. As a food writer or gourmand, come and take a look all at once!

Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, Taipei

Taiwan Culinary ExhibitionPhoto credit: UDN News

Price | 180 TWD before July 20
             200 TWD from July 21 to July 24
  Info | Taiwan Culinary Exhibition| Facebook

3. Sounds from the River: Taipei Riverside Music Festival | June 17 - August 12

Looking for a chilling outdoor music event? If you like to hang out around night time in Taipei, here’s another laid-back option for you. Swing with your friends to the beat from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. by the riverside on every Saturday! Different types of music are presenting to you through the breeze on every Saturday during the festival. What’s more fascinating… it’s FREE!

Different parts of Riverside Parks, Taipei

Taipei Riverside Music FestivalPhoto credit: Taipei Riverside Music Festival

Price | Free
  Info | 2017 Taipei Riverside Music Festival

4. Ho-hai-yan Gongliao Rock Festival | July 28 - July 30

Hooray for another summer outdoor music festival! Ho-hai-yan Gongliao Rock Festival is a free music festival taking place in every summer on Fulong Beach. Inviting the hottest singers and bands every July, this music festival has created so many rockin’ memories in people’s summer vacation. And man, it’s FREE as well!

Fulong Beach, New Taipei

Ho-hai-yan Gongliao Rock FestivalPhoto credit: Time for Celebration -- Taiwan Tourism Events

Price | Free
  Info | HO-HAI-YAN Gongliao Rock Festival Time for Celebration - Taiwan Tourism Events

5. Cijin Black Sand Sculpture Art Festival | July 8 - August 27

Northern Taiwan isn’t hot enough for you? We heard you bro. Jump on a train to Cijin and take a sunbath in Southern Taiwan on the black sand! Taking the special sand as the material for sculpture, the Black Sand Festival also combines the expo with a LOT of interesting stuff around, such as volleyball competitions, aborigines singing performances, late night sand-theatre shows and, of course, outdoor bars.

Cijin Beach, Kaohsiung

Cijin Black Sand Sculpture Art FestivalPhoto credit: Cijin Black Sand Sculpture Art Festival | Facebook

Price | Free
  Info | Cijin Black Sand Sculpture Art Festival in Kaohsiung | Facebook

6. Hualien Joint Aboriginal Harvest Festival | July 21 - July 23

If you wanna experience the amazing singing and dancing talents of the aborigines in Taiwan, Harvest Festival would be your best choice to settle your weekend schedule! From Friday to Sunday, this festival will present various shows for aboriginal chorus, traditional dance and praying rituals. Besides the fancy performances, you can also buy some local indigenous food and crafts from the stands around.

Meilun Athletic Field, Hualien

Hualien Joint Aboriginal Harvest FestivalPhoto credit: Time for Celebration -- Taiwan Tourism Events

Price | Free
  Info | Hualien Joint Aboriginal Harvest Festival | Facebook

7. Taiwan International Ballon Festival | June 30 - August 6

Come and enjoy flying above the amazing landscape in Taitung! Located at the Luye Township, Luye Highland is one of the few spots for paragliding in Taiwan due to the proper height and airflow for the air sports. Take a good weekend getaway in Taitung, the beautiful pastoral scenery can definitely refresh your soul and charge your for tomorrow.

Luye Highland, Taitung

Taiwan International Ballon FestivalPhoto credit: Taiwan International Ballon Festival

Price | 500 TWD
  Info | Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Looks like our schedules just went crazy in July. But, my friend, there are MORE to expect in August! Follow us on Facebook to keep track of our August highlights and find out local traveling secrets. Also, check out our website to meet locals in Taiwan for an unforgettable trip — maybe you’ll just find one to set out with!

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