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大家好!我叫希門中,我來自尼加拉瓜。我是台大語言中心的學生,已經學中文十個月了。我參加過 FRNCi 語言交換的活動,今天我想跟你們分享我那天過得怎麼樣。

We started this activity on time at Daan Forest Park, I met one friend of mine from El Salvador, and we both were really hoping to find other friends interested in practicing Spanish (which is our mother tongue) as well as Chinese. Although we were finally placed in separate conversation groups, we would each soon find out our expectations to become reality.


After each of us introduced themselves to the group, we were assigned a special partner to personally exchange with. Surprisingly, my partner was really eager to learn Spanish, so I felt very lucky to be matched up with her! My new friend was really nice to me, and with this first interaction we couldn’t have been off for a better start.


Having finished our snack, we went on to find new friends. I met up with my Salvadorian friend again, who also found a partner interested in Spanish. We met up with our fellow classmates from the Language Center as well, and with the kind people who made possible this activity and received us that day. Thank you for giving us a language exchange experience unlike any other!


Contributor: Etienne Jimenez Soza 希門中

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