No one else can organize a language exchange event with more enthusiasm than FRNCi!

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There are countless language exchange events taking place in Taipei every year. In such a situation, it seems like a mission impossible to create something new and fresh. I myself have grown tired of anything related to the term “language exchange” after more than 9 months of living in Taipei, yet FRNCi Speak Easy proved me wrong.

I got to know the FRNCi team when they did a livestream and I was invited to attend. These youngsters impressed me so deeply that later on, when I heard about their language exchange event – which is Speak Easy, I decided to join immediately. At that time, the very first thought in my mind is that even though I have had enough of this kind of activities, at least I would join to see these people again as they were that impressive!

Speak Easy in July was held in NTU campus with the attendance of many Taiwanese as well as foreigners. Even though we were interrupted by a sudden thunderstorm, yet everyone quickly moved indoor and continued the activity as nothing ever happened. The people who came to join this event were all very out-going and willing to talk and make friends. My group consisted of people from the US, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam (yes, it’s me). We even had a Taiwanese member who is just fifteen years old, yet his knowledge and language skills are really awesome.

All of the attendants had a thoroughly enjoyable time making tea for each other, playing games and getting to know people not only in the same group, but also from different teams. FRNCi provided us with a kind of tea called "Teascovery" which you can make in 30 seconds, and there is no need for hot water! What I drank was green tea, and the taste was surprisingly good. Later on, we had a game to know about Taiwanese famous snacks and the prizes were the snacks themselves! Via this game, we had the chance to know the basic ingredients of some very famous Taiwanese food.

Above all, what really unforgettable for me was, once again, the attitude of FRNCi’s people. They gave me the feeling that no one else can organize a language exchange event with more enthusiasm than them! They brought about a youthful, fresh and positive atmosphere that anyone would enjoy.

I strongly recommend FRNCi’s events to all of you! See you!

Contributor: Phuong Thao

Still being the wallflower in language exchange meetings? Have fun and meet new friends in Speak Easy events! In our next Speak Easy event, we will be playing popular board games and doing Language exchange at the very same time. See you there.

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