“Believe in Yourself, and Everything’s Going to Be Worth It.” — Lyn, Dancer

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“Have a bite!” Lyn passed me a red small box no sooner than she sat down. “I bought this chocolate in Japan when I went traveling there!”

As my first time to receive a gift from an interviewer, I could sense the energy and kindness from the girl in front of me. You could tell Lyn’s personality by her outfit: a colorful maxi skirt and a stylish snapback, the mixture of soft and tough.

Travel is to let things go then start a challenge

Passionate for traveling, Lyn invested most of her time into tourism after graduation. However, a dream still grew stronger and stronger in her mind — dance.

“Dancing makes me feel real”

After working for years, Lyn got two options in the future: venture deeper into the tourist industry or join a dancing group. Struggled, evaluated and rethought, finally she decided to give her dream a try.

“Didn’t you afraid you lost the promotion opportunity?” “Never try never know. You just have to believe in yourself,” firmly Lyn answered, without hesitation.

The belief to go after dreams was learned from her father. Since Lyn was a little girl, her father respected every of her decision, taught her to listen to herself and be responsible for her own choices.

After Lyn quit the job and dive into the dancing career, her father supported her whole-heartedly. “He even brought his friends to my shows, “ Lyn smiled on the recall of the memory. Love and sadness gleamed from her eyes — her father was no longer here.

“The tattoo is in the memory of my dad”

A striking tattoo lies on Lyn’s forearm. It is her father’s name. Every time she takes a picture, her father would always accompany her aside. The tattoo not only reminds Lyn of her father’s love, but her eagerness to be a dancer.

The cheerful moment with Lyn’s Europeans’ friends

As a travel addict, Lyn had already been to Japan for many times, and she’d also studied in South Korea for half an year before. Her tattoo always made her the eye-catching target on the streets in Japan and Korea, and most of the time those look weren’t really friendly. But she never encounters this feelings in Taiwan. As a Taiwanese, she was so proud of our broad-minded national character.

When traveling in Europe, Lyn noticed that Taiwan needs to gain more worldwide recognition. Also, she found that it’s pretty common for Europeans to discuss international issues compared to Taiwanese. After coming back, she made up her mind to promote Taiwan further in this global village and help Taiwanese be more aware of the current international issues.

She planned to run an hostel in Tainan in the future. By hosting travelers from every corner of the world, she could extend the warmth and kindness of Taiwanese in her own way. “Believe in yourself,” Lyn smiled gently, “anything will be worth It.”

Writer: A-Guan / Translate: Nian / Photo: Lyn
Original: 「相信自己,一切都不會白費」-- 打破安穩,勇於追夢的熱血人生 | FRNCi 故事盒子

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