10 Things You Must Know About Clubs in Taipei

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Although going out to clubs is not popular among all Taiwanese youngsters, you can still find numerous clubs in Taipei and most of them might amaze you by their quality and their cheap prices. They all are pretty different, decorated in their own way, some filled with locals and some others mostly with foreigners and, most importantly, sometimes ALL you can drink! Today, we will present you our recommendations for the top 15 clubs to go to when you feel like dancing and drinking at night.


But first, here is the list of things you should know before dancing all night:

1. Ladies night – The day not to miss

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Every Wednesday, Taipei celebrates its Ladies Night and the entrance to all clubs will be free for girls all night long: the perfect occasion for everyone to finally go out.

2. List entrance and PRs – Network is important

Before you choose your destination, you should also know that clubs prices can vary a lot from one day to another. A good idea might be to contact some PRs (Public Relations) to see if you can get some preferential pricing or even a free entrance by being on their list. This, however, does not work in every club for every day of the week.

3. Dress code – Casual but not too relaxed

Although the dress code in Taipei clubs is not very strict and you can still wear almost whatever you want, stay away from shorts and sandals, otherwise you may be refused the entrance. However, also be careful of some special events that need you to wear mandatory clothes (like shirts on some Wednesdays in Omni for example): if you are not sure, you can check on the Facebook event before.

4. Tables – For special days

Source:Clubber’s Guide to Taipei - Irresponsiblelife.com

As you will soon notice, a lot of Taiwanese people prefer to book tables in clubs to have a place to drink together and to sit, or even sleep, when they get tired. The tables’ prices are not that expensive but I usually would not recommend booking one except if you want to celebrate something special, especially in All you can drink clubs.

5. Club hours – The earlier, the cheaper

If you are used to start clubbing at 2 in the morning in your home country, you will probably be confused by the club hours in Taipei. Usually, clubs here open around 10 to 11pm and close between 4 and 4:30am. Many of them will give you discounts early in the evening so people often begin to queue even earlier.

6. ID and Student card – 18+ only!

Source:How Powerful is your Passport - Konbini

Taipei clubs are very strict about the ID as the police will sometimes come to check inside. Remember to always bring a valid ID with you (National ID, passport or driving license); basic student card is not enough but you should also take it with you as you can sometimes get discounts or free entrance with it (Triangle on Wednesday or Elektro on Thursday for example). Be careful in Babe18, as this club does not accept any national foreigner ID except passports (or at least a printed photocopy of your passport).

7. Police – Party poopers

Source:Clubbing with James Tran – Jamestran.net

The police indeed come quite often to clubs to check IDs, mostly from Taiwanese people sitting at tables. This can happen in almost any club (and very often in Wave Club) and the music will stop for about 30 to 45 minutes while you also have to remain silent. During that time however, you can still go out of the club.

8. Drinking – Enjoy a drink outside

If your club is not All you can drink and if the drinks are a bit too expensive for you, you usually will still be able to leave the club with a stamp and come back later: a good idea might be to go to the closest 7/11 or Family Mart and drink there before entering again. This is also something you could do when the police are checking your club and you do not want to sit inside silently.

9. Music – EDM lovers paradise

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Most of the clubs in Taipei will make you dance on EDM music, sometimes somewhat remixed, and the playlists are usually pretty similar. You can also find a bit of Hip-Hop music in some clubs (Chess, Babe18 early in the evening…) or special events some days of the week (Latin nights in M Taipei on Friday). If you prefer to change a bit of style however, you might be interested in going to either Korner or Pipe that will mostly play some Techno and House.

10. People – A diverse and interesting crowd

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Depending on the club you choose, you might find yourself lost in the middle of groups of locals or, on the contrary, only with foreigners. Taiwanese are usually really friendly and can often pay you drinks, dance with you or even invite you to their tables just to talk more with you. The club population is mostly composed of young people aged from 18 to 30 and this can change depending on the clubs (younger in Babe18, older in fancier clubs like Myst or Room18): however, no matter what club you go to, locals will usually be able to speak English and will not be shy about trying to talk with you even when their English is not perfect.

Now that you have everything in mind, it is time to choose where you prefer to go in the numerous and diverse clubs you might find in Taipei. You can find our suggestions here: 13 Nightclubs You Have To Know In Taipei

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