6 Local Craft Beers You Shouldn’t Miss in Taiwan!

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How many different beers from Taiwan did you try? If you had to answer this question, most of you would answer one or two, rarely more. And those would probably be the ones you usually buy at 7/11 or Family Mart, which are Taiwan or Classic beers.

But did you know Taiwan has a lot of breweries and makes various beers with unique taste and flavor? If you want to try to change your habits and discover more about local Taiwanese beers, here is our recommendation of local craft beers you’ve probably never tried and thought of before!

Indie Brew - Cocoa Porter(right)& Hop Side of the Moon(left)

• INDIE BREW BLACK IPA - Hop Side of the Moon (6.5%)

Suitable for both beginners and veterans, this beer has a really distinct toasty dark malt character. Refreshing and slightly bitter at the same time, it is supposed to excite your senses just like horror movies would do and will fill you with the flavor of various tropical fruits such as mango, passion fruit, lychee… Definitely a must-try!

• INDIE BREW - Cocoa Porter (6.9%)

To take a break from Taiwanese beers, you might be interested in trying this one: the cocoa beans from Peru give a massive chocolate flavor and aroma that you will not find anywhere else.

From left to right are Taiwan Ale-Longan Stout, Waxy Rice Ale, Waxy Hoppy Yuzu and Lambic Style Sour Mango.

• TAIWAN ALE - Longan Stout (6.0%)

Made from longan (an exotic fruit a bit similar to the lychee) from Tainan and rye beer (dark beer), the Longan Stout tastes slightly bitter and sweet at the same time. At the beginning, you taste the unique fruit flavor or the logan, and only afterwards can you feel the mixture taste of caramel and smoke. An unique experience that you should not miss.

• TAIWAN ALE - Waxy Rice Ale (4.5%)

If you are not really used to bitter flavors, you can give a try to the Waxy Rice Ale, a special combination that recreates the sweet taste and flagrance of flowers. To do this, the barley malt is replaced with waxy rice from Yunlin (the county in the west of Taiwan where rice grows) and some sweet olive from Nantou (middle of Taiwan). Cannot get any more typical and local!

• TAIWAN ALE - Waxy Hoppy Yuzu (3.5%)

Suitable for both beginners and veterans, this beer is made with high quality pomelo from Tainan and hops with orange flavor, therefore creating a rich taste of tropical fruits. Refreshing and balanced, the Waxy Hoppy Yuzu is definitely a must-try!

• TAIWAN ALE - Lambic Style Sour Mango (4.0%)

This beer from Tainan gets its sweet and sour flavor from the mango juice and the green mango. Perfect to start the evening and try something new!

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