12 Nightclubs You Have to Know in Taipei 2019

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[Updated for 2019!]

Last time, we offered you the tips you needed to know before going clubbing in Taipei. If you missed them or want to refresh your memory, you can find them here: 10 Things You Must Know About Clubs In Taipei

Now that you have everything in mind, it is time to choose where you prefer to go among the numerous and diverse clubs you might find in Taipei. Here are our recommendations to help with your decision: we offer you the 12 clubs you should definitely know in Taipei 2019!


1. Wave – All you can drink and local

1F., No.12, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Source:Wave Club Taipei – edmhive.com

Wave Club is easily noticeable as the entrance is at a corner of ATT4FUN, and you will see people queuing outside as early as 10pm. After getting inside with an elevator, you will enter this all-you-can-drink club mostly filled with locals. The EDM music is perfect for dancing, either on the large dance floor or on the stage next to it. The bartenders are pretty efficient, so you won't ever need to wait too long for your drink. However, this club tends to be crowded, especially on weekends, and the police often comes to check IDs which is a mood killer (but not for long!).

2. AI – Students Thursdays & Sundays

7F., No.12, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Source:AI Nightclub Facebook Page

Previously known as Elektro, AI Club is another key element of the nightlife in Taipei. Located inside ATT4FUN (7th floor but the entrance is on the 6th floor), the club is mostly known to foreigners for its free all-you-can-drink nights for students early on Thursdays and Sundays. On those days, people start queuing from 10pm (although the club opens a bit later than that) in order to ensure their free entrance. Once you get through the door, a beautifully lit room with a long row of tables on one side, and the dance floor (sadly quite small) on the other, awaits. Enjoy the drinking and dancing before the clubs gets too crowded after 1am

On the other days, the club is sadly not all-you-can-drink, and you will not see as many foreigners. The crowd tends to be mostly young, while still being a bit classy (tables, champagne…) but not too pretentious. The DJ will usually play some famous EDM songs or sometimes loud electronic music. If you want to breathe a bit, it is possible to take the stairs inside the club to the floor above and observe Taipei’s youth energetically dancing.  

3. Klash – Trendy and Hip-Hop

信義區松壽路22號 B1
N°22 Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taïwan

Source: Klash Facebook Page

Klash is located in NEO19 and has been one of Taiwan’s trendiest nightlife places of the past few years. Its black & white design, the music, as well as numerous advertisements for it in movie theaters made it the new cool place for young Hip-Hop lovers. 

The queue to enter the club is often really long, starting outside and often reaching the Family Mart nearby; once you entered, you still have to face an airport-type security check, so it is advised to come there early to avoid an even longer wait.
The bar of this all-you-can-drink club tends to be a bit more chaotic that other Taiwanese clubs. People are likely to cut lines on the sides in order to get their drinks faster.

4. Franny – Young, Wild & All You Can Drink

B1., No.18, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Source: https://yo.xuite.net

Franny, previously known as Babe18, is famous among foreigners for being a cheap all-you-can-drink club (especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays where it is free entrance even for guys before a certain hour) and with a much younger crowd of locals often aged 18 or 19. The bar is easy to get a drink from (and with drinks like Jäger or Absinthe shots), and the tables are a bit further away from the dance floor (smaller but usually not too crowded excepted on weekends). The music starts slowly with Hip-Hop and usually shifts into EDM/commercial music around midnight. Special shout-out to the Lollipop distributor!

The club opens at 10pm. We'd suggest you to arrive at that exact time to enter directly and get the early discount. If you arrive 20 minutes later, you may find yourself queuing for a very long time as the staff takes their time on purpose, while also letting the table queue enter first.

5. IKON – Casual But Fun

B1., No.22, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Source: IKON Facebook Page

You can find IKON in NEO19, halfway between Klash and Chess. This all-you-can drink club is usually given the cold shoulder by foreigners for its past reputation: Lava. Before getting rebranded, the club had the habit of organizing stripteases and wet T-shirts competitions. However, it has now considerably changed and was renovated into a much fancier place.

The drink menu is also much more diverse than other clubs, with tons of cocktails to choose from. So if you want to drink and stay among locals, you can definitely go there!

6. Chess – Hip-Hop Lovers Favorite Spot

9F., No.12, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Source: Chess Club – taipeitrends.com.tw

Chess is located on the East side of NEO19, and is mostly famous for its Hip-Hop music. This place has featured a number of international and reputable artists and DJs and continues to attract many people every week (but only a few foreigners).The prices are more expensive than the average Taiwanese club (and only all-you-can-drink on Wednesdays and Thursdays) but you should not miss it if you want to listen to some good Hip-Hop in a nicely decorated environment.


7. Omni – Fancy Club And Impressive Audio Quality

5F., No.201, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

Source:Omni Taipei – taiwannights.com

Classy with a cool design, Omni is one of the fanciest clubs in Taipei. The electronic music there is unlike the usual EDM, and the sound-system is impressive. The entrance fee is pretty high and the drinks might be a bit expensive compared to other clubs; it can definitely be worth it though. If budget's an issue, you should check the Wednesday parties (Ladies Night) where the entrance is free for girls and the guys can easily be on PRs lists and not pay anything (be careful about the dress code though!). On other days, you generally will not find many foreigners inside, and the locals are pretty easy to talk to (you might even get invited to a table).

The people there are usually older than clubs around ATT (more around 23 to 30 years old in Omni) and you can always go to Kor: a bar nearby located on the same floor, with a nice atmosphere but where the music is less loud. It can be ideal to go there to take a break from Omni and talk to your friends before going back dancing later.

8. Triangle – A Chill Dancing Bar

台北市中山區玉門街1號 MAJI MAJI 集食行樂
No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104


Famous foreigners spot, Triangle is a dancing bar held by French people with different theme nights depending on the days of the week (KTV night, 90s songs, 80s songs...). The drinks are affordable and the music is usually good, with foreign DJs coming to mix there. The student nights on Wednesdays with free entrance (and free drinks early in the night) gather a lot of people that will dance inside or stay outside the club where you can sit freely at tables (maybe with some drinks for the 7/11 nearby!). Despite being a bit further away than most clubs, the nice atmosphere of Maji Square really makes up for it!

9. Box – A Perfect Place To Predrink

B2., No. 67, Section 2, Roosevelt Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Source:Box Nightclub – thirstyintaipei.com

Box Nightclub is less known than it deserved to be. Located near an exit of Guting MRT, a foreigner students neighborhood, the club is pretty small but offers all-you can-drink for a cheap entrance price. Usually not too crowded, you might even find yourself allowed to make requests to the DJ for you and your friends to dance to. Not the fanciest club, but definitely a good spot to have some fun in a group, or to pre-drink before going to another club later.

10. M Taipei – Latin Nights And Good Atmosphere

3F., No.456, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Source:M Taipei – taiwannights.com

M Taipei is also pretty small and the music sound-system is somewhat poor. However, the all-you-can-drink Latin parties on Friday still have a reputation to be a lot of fun. You can give it a try if you want to dance on reggaeton, salsa, hip-hop… Try to contact PRs to get on their list before deciding to go there: it might save you some money!


11. B1 – The new Techno Spot

No. 198, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taïwan 106

Source:B1 Facebook Page

Tired of the constant EDM? Miss the underground vibe of your home country? Then you should most definitely give B1 a try. It’s the new go-to Techno club ever since Korner closed. There in the dark, you will be able to listen to House or Techno in a gloomy and smoky atmosphere. You could also just talk to people standing outside the club to take a rest before going back in. The prices can vary depending on the nights and the popularity of the people that will mix there, so it is recommended to check the daily events on Facebook beforehand.

12. Pipe – Underground And Offbeat

No.1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100


Not far from Gongguan and next to the river, Pipe is another underground club where you can listen to a different style of music than the usual commercial music you find in Taipei. The place is also relatively dark but the outside of the club is really nice for sitting and calmly listening to the music (a bit like in Triangle).

Monday : Take a rest and recover
Tuesday : Take a rest and recover (or Wave for the real party animals)
Wednesday : Triangle/Omni
Thursday : AI
Friday : Wave
Saturday : B1/Klash
Sunday : Franny

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