The top 3 Taiwan Lantern Festival events you SHOULD NOT miss
| Chinese New Year in Taiwan
Have you ever dreamed of being a part of a Disney fairytale? Or maybe you wanted to do something insane to get that adrenaline rush? Or maybe you felt like throwing some “bombs”? Whichever is it, Taiwan Lantern Festival has got you covered...(Read More)
Through the Local Lens: Lunar New Year
| Chinese New Year in Taiwan
For all the buzz and rumours you’ve heard of the Chinese New Year, the best way to comprehend or even imagine what it is like if you haven’t yet been through one yourself is probably to consider it the Chinese version of a Christmas period of time...(Read More)
Tips You Should Know About Spring Festival Before Visiting Taiwan
| Chinese New Year in Taiwan
The Spring Festival, also known as Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is regarded by the Taiwanese as the most important annual festival. The importance of this lasting two weeks holiday is often compared to Christmas in the Western Culture. ...(Read More)
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